Convincing your team to love data room software

For companies that operate in today’s environment, it is essential to use quality software that will be able to work under any circumstances. Not surprisingly, we can see a real surge in the popularity of virtual platforms among different users lately. However, while managers are eager to implement new software into their team’s work as quickly as possible, employees themselves are not always actively involved in this process. You can find the best data rooms on this page, as well as some effective tips to help convince your team to use virtual platforms.

How can you convince your team to switch software?

Despite the fact that the enterprise virtual data room is very dynamic, many of us are not very active in changing the software for our work. Sometimes this is because of the complexity of the workflow itself, which only requires a certain type of LOI. But more often these changes are impossible because of the attachment to specific software products. Here are a few tips to help convince the team to switch their usual software to a virtual platform.

Show a personal example

The copycat method works best, so if you want employees to start using the new software sooner, start using it first. By doing so, you’ll not only show that it’s capable of performing necessary work tasks, but also that using it is generally beneficial to the workflow.

Start with a test period

Before buying virtual platforms, experts recommend that you try a test version of the program to check the features of its work. Such a move will also help company employees get acquainted with the new software faster, and help convince them to start using its features to their full potential sooner. 

Provide special training

Sometimes virtual platforms may seem too difficult to learn on their own, although most of the options on the market do not require much time to learn their features. If that is the case, you can hold training webinars that will explain the main features of using virtual platforms. Some providers offer such a service to their customers as an add-on to the basic package.

Offer a comparison of software products

Virtual platforms and data rooms are capable of performing standard work tasks, just like more familiar types of software. However, they have the advantage of faster speed and maximum automation. Invite your employees to do a little experiment – let them try to perform these tasks with the familiar PP and then with the new one, so they can see the benefits firsthand.

Give specific examples of improvements

You can use analytical data as visuals to show how the company’s performance has changed due to the use of the new software. The main thing is, to be honest, and even if some figures are lower, you need to talk about them and explain exactly why this happened and how it can be fixed. In general, if you want to convince your team of the benefits of the new software, it is better to truthfully answer all the questions that interest your team.